Sunday, October 14, 2012

Solution to XREF Format Problem in Flare

To the Flare class attendees who saw me demo the change in format of a cross-reference - to have it use hyperlink format for an online output but automatically convert to a page reference format for a print output like PDF - only to have it not work. I said I'd track down the problem and post the result on my blog.

It didn't work because I made the change correctly in the Print medium of the ws_ftp_styles.css file but forgot to specify that CSS for the output - e.g. I left the Master Stylesheet field on the General tab of the Target Editor set to Default rather than changing it to ws_ftp_styles.css. As soon as I changed the Master Stylesheet field to ws_ftp_styles.css and regenerated the PDF, the automatic conversion to a page reference format worked like a charm.

It's always that one little thing that you overlook...