Thursday, May 10, 2012

Unofficial iPhone App for the STC ’12 Summit

Going to the Summit? (Or even if you’re not but want to get a feel for a conference-oriented app…)

Here’s a free iPhone app that will help you enjoy the Summit and illustrates some features that apps can provide. It also shows how GUI native app tools speed up and simplify authoring. I created this app using ViziApps (, one of the most flexible GUI app tools and one of the tools I’ll show in my Lightning Talk.

The STC ’12 Summit app lets you…

·    Get a list of Rosemont restaurants, and add your own entry to the list (for a social media element).

·    Take and annotate photos and add them to a public database.

·    Watch training or other videos, in this case an entertaining example from YouTube.

·    Check conference session times.

·    Send emails or SMS.

·    And more…

All this took under 40 hours to create, much faster – and cheaper – than working in code. It’s a powerful demonstration of how GUI authoring can bring mobile apps within any company’s reach. And ViziApps also supports native Android and iPad apps, plus web apps for RIM and Windows Mobile, and will soon support hybrid apps as well.

To try the app:

·    Install the free ViziApps app from the App Store on any iOS5 iPhone.

·    Start the app and log in under the username and password hwsdemo.

Want more information? Contact  or see me in Rosemont.