Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mobile eCommerce in Northern Vermont

My wife and I were on vacation in northern Vermont last week and happened to stop at a farmer’s market in Morrisville. While I was wandering around, I stopped at a booth run by a woman selling meat and, after some discussion about the offerings, learned that she took credit cards by running the cards through a plug-in swipe unit from Square, at https://squareup.com/, that attached to her iPhone.
Two things struck me about this.
  • The fact that mobile ecommerce has penetrated a small town in Vermont with no high-tech tradition. In other words, mobile ecommerce is becoming ubiquitous.
  • The simplicity of the equipment and configuration. (See the Square site.) The woman said she wasn’t a techie, but found the equipment and the service a snap to use.
It's an increasingly mobile future...