Monday, April 12, 2010

"Beyond the Bleeding Edge" Returns

The "Bleeding Edge" returns to the STC Summit after a three year absence. If you're not familiar with the Bleeding Edge, it's a one- or two- session track in which speakers have 20 minutes to cover topics that appeared after the formal conference schedule was firmed up or just didn't fit into the formal conference presentation categories.

There will be one session this year, from 8 to 9:15 AM on Wednesday, with the following subjects and speakers:

iPhone, iPad, Android: A Quick Intro to Developing UA for Mobile Apps – Joe Welinske, WritersUA

Joe Welinske is currently working on the design of Help for iPhone, iPad and Android applications. While many mobile apps are simplistic, there is a rapidly growing list of applications with robust capabilities. Many of the more robust apps work in concert with web-based applications and knowledgebases. Joe's focus is on exposing the users to features that are not easily discovered. He is also improving user interface text. Word choices are extremely important with minimal screen real estate. In this session you will be exposed to the underlying iPhone and Android development environment. This brief overview can provide you with the basic tools to get started with mobile UA on your own or with your team.

Re-purposing Software You Already Have - An Example Using Mimic - Gretchen Hambright

What can one do with no money and a client who wants a new type of training?With only their brains and a spunky attitude, learn how the TetraTechAMT Training Team used MadCap Mimic to overcome this hurdle and create a new learning system to help make the skies over Washington, DC a safer place.

Search Engine Optimization: My Life with Spiders – Robert Armstrong

In this brief introduction to the world of Search Engine Optimization, we’ll lift the cover off the online marketing world and expose common practices that Technical Communicators should know about. We will discuss ways these practices can be adopted in the documentation world to improve content continuity, publication relevance, and even open doors to new career opportunities.

Hope to see you there...