Monday, October 25, 2010

Responses to Questions From Last Week's Remote Flare CSS Class


I think this should take care of the remaining questions from last week's CSS class. If it does not, please email me directly:

From AS:

1. Is there a feature in table styles or style sheets that could be set so table rows NEVER break across a page? (In Author-It we currently select all our table rows in a table, and simply click an icon that applies this option.)

Try this - in the Stylesheet editor, select the TD style, open the PrintSupport property group, open the Page-Break-Inside property, and select Avoid.

2. Is there a way to control orphans or widows other than by "lines"? Currently we are monitoring these in print very manually because we want to keep entire paragraphs and/or list items together. So when we output to print (Word) we go through the entire document, and for any such situations we have to select the text, choose Paragraph Properties > Keep with Next.

No. This is apparently limited to "lines" as units, per the CSS spec according to tech support.

From JK:

Sometimes when I am working on a topic page I will get these blank open spaces between my heading and paragraph blocks. Do you know what causes the blank open spaces and how to remove them?

Check the margin settings on the offending style, the h6 in your example. If that's not the problem, look for another head style above or below the offending style, as in the h1 above the h6 in your example, and check ITS margins.

Two of you had very specific questions that I'll address individually. Aside from those, I think this is it. Nice working with you all.


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