Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Few More Questions From Last Week's CSS Class...

Overlooked a few...

Q. If you create a custom style, like Note in the exercise, and set a background color for it, how do you narrow the style so that it does not run from the left border to the right border but instead looks more like a colored box?

A. Select the style in the Stylesheet Editor, open the Box properties group, and set the margins using the Margin-right and Margin-left properties.

Q. If you've applied a character format from the style sheet, such as applying the bold style from the Styles pane, how do you turn off that formatting and go back to plain text?

A. This changed a bit in Flare 6 from earlier versions, so you can't right-click on the formatted text and select Unbind on the popup menu. Instead, double-click on the formatted text to highlight it, then click on the formatted text once more, then right-click on it and select Unbind on the popup menu.

Q. How to control the alignment of hanging indents like bulleted or numbered lists?

A. Use the Margin-left property in the Box properties group on the Stylesheet Editor.

This time, I really think that's it...

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