Sunday, July 20, 2014

Questions From My July 18 STC Webinar on CSS

Mary C: Does RoboHelp provide a basic CSS that one can adapt?
Yes. When you create a new RH project, RH automatically creates a basic CSS called default.css. You can use this CSS and modify its properties, or (my suggestion) copy it, save the copy with a name that ties it to the project or (better) your company (in order to be able to apply it to multiple projects), and modify its properties.

Ellen C: Is it possible to create unnumbered items in a numbered list in Word?
Yes, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do that the way you would in HTML and CSS (or else I couldn’t find it). To do so manually, press Shift/Enter after a numbered item to add an unnumbered paragraph that keeps the indent and doesn’t change the sequence of the next number. Keep pressing Shift/Enter to add more unnumbered paragraphs. When you finish, press Enter to go back to regular numbering style.

David M: What application do you recommend to create a CSS?
It depends. Do you want to create a CSS for a project done in an authoring tool or do you want to create a CSS independently of any project or tool? Email me at to let me know and we can discuss from there.

Suzanne S: I'm currently using RH10 and we will be upgrading to RH11 for responsive design. Fonts and margins are currently defined in point sizes. To make the output work, do we need to make modifications to the style sheet to use relative size units?
The more you use relative size units the better the responsive design will be.

Barbara: I took over a project with many tags with the style within each tag. I have changed this by adding classes like p class=BodyText" and so on. Is this not correct?
You’re correct. The fewer the sub-classes the better, but you definitely want to replace inline formatting with sub-classes.