Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Answers to Questions From CSS Class at nSight on June 28

Here, a day late, are the answers to the questions from last week’s CSS class.

Re adding a non-scrolling region in a topic to create a non-scrolling table row to make sure the column heads for a long table remain visible as users scroll the table. What you do is create a non-scrolling region at the top of the topic (which would normally contain the topic title) and put the table row containing the column heads in that non-scrolling region. See the instructions at Mike Hamilton’s blog – see http://madcapsoftware2.wordpress.com/ and scroll down until you see the post entitled Adding Non-Scrolling Regions to Flare Topics. This works, but only if the table is at the top of the topic. If the table is further down, this won’t work since you can’t have a non-scrolling region within the body of a topic. However, you could put the tables in separate topics and link to them, in which case the column heads would be at the top of the topic. However, you’d have to do this consistently, or else label what you’re doing, to make sure that users don’t get confused as to why some tables are visible in the topic they’re reading but others are only available via a jump link.

Re Flare not showing style property changes in the Stylesheet Editor but showing them in the topics that use that style sheet? This may have been a one-time error as it seems to be working correctly now. If it happens to you again, either contact tech support or contact me directly and I’ll follow up for you.

Re where Flare puts a sub-class of an a tag, like my “littlepopup” example? It apparently does put it under the a tag rather than under the popup sub-class. It’s been almost five years since I created the custom popup tags, so my memory of where Flare put those sub-classes may simply have been incorrect.

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