Sunday, June 13, 2010

Workshop – Creating Mobile Device Output Using Flare

Need to create output to run on mobile devices from a Flare project but not sure how? You could create an app, but the process may be unfamiliar to your developers and call for new tools. Or you could use Flare itself to create the mobile output, in the form of a "site" that should run on most mobile devices that have a microbrowser.

Generating mobile output from a Flare project is simple mechanically. Where things can get tricky is in the design and control of the content – deciding what content to show or not show in mobile form and controlling that, controlling formatting by making full use of possibly unfamiliar CSS features like mediums and relative sizes, and more.

This half-day, hands-on, web-based class is aimed at Flare 6 users who need to quickly get up to speed on converting existing projects to Flare WebHelp Mobile output. Prior experience on at least one Flare project is necessary.

- Date - Monday, July 12, 9 AM to 12:30 PM ET.

- Cost - US$150 per person, includes workbook and working files.

- Location - Remote, via GoToMeeting.

- Outline – see

Contact Neil Perlin at to register or for information about payment.

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