Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Open Questions From Single Sourcing Class in Canada on May 13

Here are the answers to the open questions from the Single Sourcing class in Scarborough last Thursday, May 13

In what format does Flare output PDF – Adobe.

Do mathematical expressions convert correctly – Depends on the version of Acrobat you have. Check your version's specs.

Do custom templates have to be in the My Documents/My Templates folder – Yes in Flare through v.5. V.6 now lets you put templates wherever you want by using the Template Manager dialog box, available by clicking the Manage Templates icon on most Add New… dialog boxes.

Can you physically exclude topic files (.htm) from the output folder – Conditionalize the topic at the topic level, not at the content level in the topic, and then exclude the condition from the build to physically remove the topic’s .htm file from the output folder. This did NOT work the first time I tried it, but it did when I tried it twice more so I assume I missed a setting the first time.

Can you have topics’ content output to print without listing the topic in the TOC in Flare – No. Flare uses the TOC to select and sequence the topics to output to print, so removing a topic from the TOC in Flare removes that topic’s content from the output. You can work around this by leaving the topic in the Flare TOC for output to Word, then removing the topic’s content from the TOC in Word.

Thanks to Alvaro in tech support for several of these answers...

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