Monday, August 10, 2009

Remaining Questions From the Captivate 4 STC Webinar

From Peter I – How… set Captivate closed captioning to "ON" by default? – The easiest way I found to do this is from Thanks to Captiv8r for pointing this out on Adobe's Captivate forum at

From Judith S - Does Captivate 4 capture right-mouse clicks? – Yes, but it has a few quirks and can vary depending on the version of ActionScript. See this thread on the forum -

From Debora G - …published captivate files are of poor quality (fuzzy text and background image) - how can we improve the quality? When we preview in CP it looks crisp – Did you insert the image as a bitmap (GIF, JPG, or PNG) and have you scaled the movie? Let me know by email offline.

From Linda K - is there a way to correct typos made during capture so they're not repeated in the output? – Per Peter I – “One can replace the original typing with animated typing text.” Is that what you need?

From Linda K - when should we use auto recording mode vs full motion recording? – Basically, use auto mode to record standard movies and fmr to record movies that show continuous visual change like drag and drop or, on the more unusual side, something like the view through an electron microscope. Note that you can start recording in auto mode and switch in and out of fmr as necessary by pressing F9 to enter fmr mode and F10 to return to normal.

From Linda K – how… control the size of the frame in the SWF output? – This question may be referring to two things, so I may not be answering the right one. Read this thread on the forum - – and let me know if that’s NOT what you were referring to, in which case we can talk a bit more offline.

From Linda K - how do we remove the Captivate branding from the... player? – If you’re referring to the Adobe Captivate “button” from the playbar, open the skin editor (Project > Skin Editor), select the Playback Control tab, open the Playbar field pulldown, and select any playbar style other than default.

From Judith S - Can you demo or show us the aggregator? – Are you asking in terms of how it works compared to MenuBuilder or just in general? Shoot me an email offline if you have a chance.

From Judith S - How easy is it to translate… Captivate movies from English to another language? – I’ve done little translation work so this response may not be complete, and I ask anyone who has translated to extend or correct what I say next... It seems fairly straightforward - pick the desired language for the auto-captions and modify the text as necessary, translate your text captions, and re-do any voiceovers (obviously). You may also have to re-shoot any screens in the appropriate foreign language version of your software. Also watch for culturally-based issues. One example that I ran into years ago was the use of a rural post box icon as an email icon, only to find that many people outside the US didn’t know what it was.

From Jeff F - …explain more about widgets? – There’s a pretty good write-up on them in Captivate 4’s help, but email me if you’re looking for more than what’s there and we can discuss it.

Enjoy the tool...

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